Best Hiking Trails In Southeast Portland

While Southeast Portland isn’t known for its hiking (especially compared to the rest of the Pacific Northwest), there are a few spots that will surprisingly delight you.

If you don’t have time to take a 45+ minute drive out of the city to more legit hiking trails, here’s a few parks with hiking trails to check out in Southeast Portland.

Mt. Tabor

Best for: Climbing and altitude gain, with views of the city.

This park ranks up there with one of the best parks in Portland, including a Top 10 view of Downtown Portland to the west and Mt. Hood to the east.

The main entrance to the park is near SE 60th Ave and Salmon Street. There’s plenty free parking whether you want to park at the base and hike up or drive up closer to the top.

The hikes up the mountain aren’t too strenuous. Elevation gain is only about 400 feet above the surrounding areas. The top of the mountain features a ring road with benches to take in views of the city or plenty of grass to pack a picnic.

Mt. Tabor is also home to several open-air water reservoirs, providing some diversity to the scenery you’ll find.

It’s also a prime spot to watch the 4th of July fireworks from (although the more interesting show may be the people that set off their own displays from the park).

A fun fact: Mt. Tabor is actually a dormant volcano.

Springwater Corridor

Best for: A long, flat, and paved walk.

This trail is perfect if you prefer a flat, paved surface you can walk for miles and miles. The trail itself is about 20 miles long, with the end going all the way into Boring, Oregon. But many miles of this trail are in SE Portland, with a few spots that take you off the pavement and onto gravel.

The trail stays along the Willamette River for some of the way. You’ll stroll by Oaks Park and other areas where you can literally touch the water if you’d like.

Other parts of the trail take you through more wooded areas before spilling out into residential blocks.

The portion of the trail in SE Portland has minimal crossings over the street, making it a relaxing walk if you want to get away from cars for a bit.

The best place to access the park is by SE Milwaukie Ave and Bybee Blvd. You’ll find a small parking lot at SE Milwaukie near SE Mitchell Street. There’s also an easy spot to access the trail near SE Spokane Street near 5th Ave.

Laurelhurst Park

Best for: Shorter, relaxing walks close to downtown.

Laruelhurst is one of the most beautiful parks around. It’s relatively flat with a few dipsey-doos here and there.

The park encompasses a few city city blocks, giving you enough space to wander around amongst the trees, grass, and pond. It’s a very dog-friendly park as it also includes an off-leash area where there are always dogs around.

Laurelhurst Park can get crowded in the summer when Portland’s weather is at its finest, but there’s usually enough space on the well-cared-for grass in park.

Laurelhurst is located where a lot of the action in on the east side of Portland, with the park situated just south of E Burnside Street between SE 33rd and 39th Streets. It’s a short walk over to many of the popular bars and restaurants on SE Belmont, SE Hawthorne, or E Burnside streets.

Using Online Marketing Instead Of Print And Radio Ads For Your Portland Business

Decades ago before the Internet, there were just a few ways that people would market their businesses. It was common to hear people taking radio spots, or running print ads in the local paper. Magazine ads were also popular, along with direct mail. However, with the advent of the Internet, marketing began to change in a significant way. This look at the differences between online marketing and print ads, as well as a differences with radio. You can still use all of them today, but online marketing may vary will be the best way to market businesses.

Why Would You Use A Print Ad Or Radio Ad?

The reason the people still use radio ads and also take out advertisements in the local paper is because it still works. This is true, especially if you are targeting local community members. If you have a physical store, and you want people to come by, radio and print ads are still viable options. People still listen to the radio and read the newspaper. However, more people than ever before are using their smart phones to look at online advertisements. They are also at home looking at their PCs. This is why it is so important to focus a lot of your advertising budget into Internet marketing, specifically online marketing that uses social media and the search engines.

Why Online Marketing Can Be So Fantastic

The reason that online marketing is so versatile and can make people successful is because of the sheer volume of people that are looking things up on the web. For example, when people are searching for a product, or even information, using the search engines, advertisements are just going to show up. You can target very specific niches, using select keywords. All you have to do is pay for each click that you receive, or you can do search engine optimization so that your website will be at the top when the searches are completed. The same is true for Facebook in regard to not only PPC ads but also building a list of followers. Every time that you make a post in your newsfeed, they are going to be looking at your advertisements and potentially buying the products or services that you offer. For our Oregon residents we recommend finding an internet marketing company that has a reputation for being the best in Portland SEO for an affordable price. Updraft SEO is a company that seems to be good from our research, you can learn more about them here. You will need to ask around and do a little research on this subject and check out a few more companies before deciding which one to go with.

The Main Reason Why They Are Different

The primary reason that online marketing, and the marketing that you will do with newspapers and radio, are different is because of the audience that you are attracting. Those that hear advertisements on the radio, or see them in a newspaper, are not necessarily buyers. However, someone specifically looks for a particular item, and your advertisement shows up, there is a higher likelihood that this targeted visitor is going to purchase what you have to offer.

It is so important to understand the differences between these different types of advertising. Both traditional and online marketing are still viable. However, if you would like to move into an advertising medium that is likely going to surpass traditional advertising, you should split from print and radio ads and focus most of your attention on marketing on the World Wide Web.