Benefits Of LASIK

LASIK is one of the forms of laser eye surgery that can offer up a variety of benefits to those that need corrective eye surgery. Below, we will talk about some of the major benefits of LASIK over wearing glasses or contacts.

Benefits Of LASIK:

1. Long Term Results.

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits that you will be able to get when you get this type of surgery is long term results. Results have proven that you can expect to get sustainable results from this type of corrective eye surgery that you can count on staying. Learn more at

2. Better Vision.

Another benefit that you are going to be able to get with LASIK is the ability to get improved vision. You are going to be able to get a high success rate with his type of surgery and it is going to allow you to avoid having to wear contact lenses or glasses to see. You will be able to avoid having to wear them and you will be able to save money over the long run considering you won’t need to constantly buy new lenses or glasses.

3. Short Recovery Time.

Another benefit that you are going to be able to get from getting this type of surgery is being able to avoid having to have something that is going to take a long time to recover from. With LASIK surgery, it is not necessarily going to require any downtime as the recovery process is relatively straight forward.

4. No Getting Stuff In Your Eye.

One of the biggest issues that people have with using contact lenses all of the time is having to put them in your eyes. If you are someone that feels uneasy about having to constantly touch your eye, you are really going to experience many benefits from this type of corrective eye surgery because it can reduce the need of having to touch your eye. This is very important because the more you end up touching your eye or putting things near your eye, the more chances you have for contaminating the area and giving yourself an infection.

5. No Glasses On Your Face.

Some people might not enjoy having to wear glasses either because it gets in the way of an activity like playing sports or even virtual reality. Therefore, you will be able to sustain optimal vision without having to worry about having something on your face. Being able to have proper vision without having to worry about wearing something on your face or even having to remember to bring along your glasses with you can really prove to be a great benefit.

Overall, there are so many benefits that you will be able to get from getting this type of eye corrective surgery. You are going to be able to get improved vision without having to worry about purchasing or even wearing glasses again. Along with this, you will be able to get all of the benefits without having any significant downtime in the process.

How Portland Banks Are Different Today

Banks nowadays are very different from what they were in the past. With technology increasing at a rapid pace, we are seeing banks enter the digital age with a lot of service offerings that you would never have been able to take advantage of in the past. Below, we will be going over a few of the differences.

1. Mobile Banking.

This is probably the most drastic change that banks have undergone in the past. Mobile banking has completely changed the way a lot of people do their banking. No longer are you forced to go out of your way to deposit a check or even to make a transfer? With mobile banking, banking has become a lot more convenient for customers. Banks have begun to offer mobile banking and a lot of features along with mobile banking that helps their customers get more out of their bank and to do more on their mobile devices.

2. ATM Machines.

ATM machines were one of the biggest changes undergone in banking in quite some time. ATM’s offered people the ability to go to the bank at all hours throughout the day and to really be able to get a lot of their banking done without the assistance of a bank teller. ATM machines also enabled people to withdraw cash when they needed it without having to physically go to the bank and even to do it at ATM machines in different countries while they were traveling.

3. Crypto Services.

Another big change in banking is the fact that some banks are beginning to offer crypto services for those that are looking to move towards using cryptocurrency.

4. Kiosks and Express Branches.

Another big change with banking has come in the form of express branches and kiosks. Chase specifically has made significant investments in their banks in order to minimize the amount of time it takes to physically visit a brand. They have done so by creating express branches and kiosks that people can go to in order to get various things done much quicker.

5. Bots.

Another big change in banking is the use of bots. These bots are used for various things from helping customers manage money to interacting with customers and telling them about new services, offers, and more.

6. Turning Smartphones Into Wallets.

Another major way banking has changed is through the ability to use your phone as your wallet. Nowadays, a lot of banks are implementing technologies which allow you to store your bank card on a mobile wallet which allows you to use it at various places securely without having to pull out your bank card or even use it. Some banks like Barclay are even giving customers features that allow them to scan items into the app while they shop and pay for them using a mobile checkout solution.

Overall, there are plenty of different ways banking has changed over the past few years. Banks are continuing to innovate and you can expect a lot more changes even in the near future.

Best Hiking Trails In Southeast Portland

While Southeast Portland isn’t known for its hiking (especially compared to the rest of the Pacific Northwest), there are a few spots that will surprisingly delight you.

If you don’t have time to take a 45+ minute drive out of the city to more legit hiking trails, here’s a few parks with hiking trails to check out in Southeast Portland.

Mt. Tabor

Best for: Climbing and altitude gain, with views of the city.

This park ranks up there with one of the best parks in Portland, including a Top 10 view of Downtown Portland to the west and Mt. Hood to the east.

The main entrance to the park is near SE 60th Ave and Salmon Street. There’s plenty free parking whether you want to park at the base and hike up or drive up closer to the top.

The hikes up the mountain aren’t too strenuous. Elevation gain is only about 400 feet above the surrounding areas. The top of the mountain features a ring road with benches to take in views of the city or plenty of grass to pack a picnic.

Mt. Tabor is also home to several open-air water reservoirs, providing some diversity to the scenery you’ll find.

It’s also a prime spot to watch the 4th of July fireworks from (although the more interesting show may be the people that set off their own displays from the park).

A fun fact: Mt. Tabor is actually a dormant volcano.

Springwater Corridor

Best for: A long, flat, and paved walk.

This trail is perfect if you prefer a flat, paved surface you can walk for miles and miles. The trail itself is about 20 miles long, with the end going all the way into Boring, Oregon. But many miles of this trail are in SE Portland, with a few spots that take you off the pavement and onto gravel.

The trail stays along the Willamette River for some of the way. You’ll stroll by Oaks Park and other areas where you can literally touch the water if you’d like.

Other parts of the trail take you through more wooded areas before spilling out into residential blocks.

The portion of the trail in SE Portland has minimal crossings over the street, making it a relaxing walk if you want to get away from cars for a bit.

The best place to access the park is by SE Milwaukie Ave and Bybee Blvd. You’ll find a small parking lot at SE Milwaukie near SE Mitchell Street. There’s also an easy spot to access the trail near SE Spokane Street near 5th Ave.

Laurelhurst Park

Best for: Shorter, relaxing walks close to downtown.

Laruelhurst is one of the most beautiful parks around. It’s relatively flat with a few dipsey-doos here and there.

The park encompasses a few city city blocks, giving you enough space to wander around amongst the trees, grass, and pond. It’s a very dog-friendly park as it also includes an off-leash area where there are always dogs around.

Laurelhurst Park can get crowded in the summer when Portland’s weather is at its finest, but there’s usually enough space on the well-cared-for grass in park.

Laurelhurst is located where a lot of the action in on the east side of Portland, with the park situated just south of E Burnside Street between SE 33rd and 39th Streets. It’s a short walk over to many of the popular bars and restaurants on SE Belmont, SE Hawthorne, or E Burnside streets.

What Contractors Are Required For Building Your Portland Home?

Are you building a house from the ground up, or are you going to be hiring contractors for a home remodeling and renovation project? Homeowners hiring contractors for construction projects often don’t realize just how many people are involved in the process. If you then look into the rest of the crew, you’re looking at a ton of people that work together to build or remodel a home. When remodeling, you have a little more freedom picking and choosing what’s required.

With new constructions, you still get to pick and choose according to your budget, but there are many contractors that you just can’t go without hiring. In other words, there is a base list that you can at least go by. Naturally, you’re also able to rely upon a trustworthy general contractor for the delegation process. That doesn’t mean you don’t want any say and won’t be personally interacting with many if not all of these other contractors working on your home. There will likely be sub contractors too, as you have to remember that the contractors will sometimes have a team of people with them.

An example of someone who might have a team with him is an electrical contractor. If you call an electrical contractor for a home renovation, he may or may not need to bring help. For a new construction, he’s likely going to have a crew with him to do all of the electrical work that is required. Think about a roofing contractor as well. He’s definitely going to have a crew with him putting a new roof on a home. When looking for a roofing company it’s important to do your research first. This means checking online on the various directory websites for reviews from their past customers. We recommend you find them on Yelp as this is a great community resource for business reviews.

For a new construction, you know the first thing that has to be done is a foundation has to be laid. You need framers to put up a house, too. Just recently, right before the hurricane brought storms in Myrtle Beach that caused much damage, I noticed there were framers putting up a home in the the neighborhood where my friends live. I was thinking about how that just was bad timing, unbeknownst to them of course. There was no way the builders could have known that the hurricane was coming.

Having known it was coming, however, I’m not sure if I would have had the builders adding more onto the home. I would have made sure the home was still standing after the hurricane force winds first. It’s not like they got much farther with it in the day or two leading up to the hurricane. It was still a frame of a home, hoping to withstand the wind. That is one thing you need to know about the team of contractors that you hire to build a home. They need to be able work together efficiently to get everything done on time.

You’re going to need flooring contractors, carpenters, and of course some of the contractors you might hire do indeed depend on the type of home you’re building. Do you also need a landscaping contractor when everything is finished? Coordinate everything with your general contractor who should have all of those contacts.