The Most Effective Ways To Straighten Your Teeth

Having great teeth can both make you a more confident person and even help you excel throughout more areas of your life. In this world where the “first impression” is so important, the person with the best smile is usually more likely to be considered for jobs, get the big part in the commercial or play, and even have more success socially and in romance. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that aren’t equipped to enjoy the fantastic benefits of having a great smile by nature.

If you find yourself embarrassed to ever show your smile off because you know your teeth aren’t perfect, there’s little reason to fret however. You don’t have to just accept this by any means. There are several ways you can go about straightening your teeth. Just try the following:

1 – Reshaping

If your teeth have been misshapen either by improper care or mere genetics, tooth reshaping might be the best option. As long as the teeth aren’t actually crooked, this method should prove useful. The procedure itself is quite simple, often taking only around half an hour or so. You can easily set up an appointment with your dentist to get the job done. They can change the shape and even length of any teeth that aren’t quite aesthetically perfect, and the positions can even be altered a bit if need be. Be warned however, there is sometimes some drilling and lasering involved, so the process isn’t always the easiest to sit through if you’re squeamish about dental work. The end result is assuredly worth it, however!

2 – Invisalign

Invisalign is fairly new but it has already gained quite a lot of popularity. As the patient, you’ll have aligners designed especially with your mouth and teeth in mind. They will rest on trays that will gradually line your teeth up into straighter positions. They work similarly to braces, but as the name suggests, it’s much harder to tell when a person is actually using invisalign.

3 – Metal Braces

Metal braces are the classic method of teeth straightening. Though often avoided because a lot of kids tend to make fun of those that have braces, that social stigma is best ignored. If this method is best for getting your teeth straightened out, you may find it worth going through with. Just talk with your dentist to see if this would actually work well for your needs.

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